The Bible as Revelation : Why a Postmodern Christian Should Know His Bible Intimately

For Christians who are born into this ontology, it is unsurprising that the Bible is sacred but without power. Instead, the Christian is left to find a place for the Bible amidst the cacophony of varying barkers in his life. Even if the Bible manages to come off a store shelf and into one’s home, placing its words and ideas out of the pages and into one’s heart is an even harder task. Even if a Christian is able to place the ideas in his heart, he has to peel back the filters with which he has come to look at his very being before he can begin to interpret those ideas into a meaningful application. Attempting to share those ideas and applications with a person who drastically needs that precious revelation is even more daunting. To convince a Christian that he should read his Bible as revelation is a herculean task in this light.

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Pastoral Resource Networking

“A Pastor should be able to rely on first solutions coming from within the local regional church. Indeed, we are to share our burdens with each other. A lack of a system here, combined with the abundant presence of secular need fulfillment systems, such as Craigslist, teach Pastors and congregants to rely on secular solutions rather than to share those burdens with each other.”

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Inverted Apologetics: A Response to the Dilemma of Maladaptive Inverted Hermeneutics

“The institutions, which have been able to survive on the laurels of a closed system of fame as the titans of information, have become no match for the hungry and deprived, starving and feral nature of the maladaptive inverted hermeneutic. The maladaptive will outlast, without any substantial threat, an institution which is resting, fat and lazy on the laurels of its own impressive achievements. The virtual environment, with its instantaneous method of information disbursement and degradation of high critique has not only given MIH a voice, but it has also popularized it. “

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